Antioxidant chai

March 03, 2023

Have you ever had chai? It is basically black tea leaves boiled in water plus some milk.


Benefits of chai-

1. Reduces the risk of diabetes because of its antioxidant effect

2. Flavonoids in black tea improve heart health like reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol

3. Promote healthy gut flora leading to a better digestive system

4. Reduces the risk of ischemic stroke and post-stroke dementia

5. L-theanine increases mental focus and cognitive functioning

6. Milk adds in the proteins, carbs, calcium and vitamin D



Additives that can make your chai a super food-

1. Ginger- fights inflammation

2. Cinnamon- lowers blood sugar

3. Cloves- acts as natural cough suppressant and relieves bloating

4. Fennel- skin rejuvenating effect

5. Cardamom- improves irritable bowel syndrome

6. Black pepper- super anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties especially when combined with turmeric

7. Basil- boosts immunity as it is packed with vitamins and minerals