Emotional Health

Do you think we are responsible for our emotional health or are we the victims of circumstances? In other words, do we decide our state of mind at any given time or is it natural for us to act in a certain way according to our personality?

The answer is, "It all depends on our resilience."

In physics, there is a formula which says:


So, if we train our mind to respond in the way that is right for us under different circumstances, then by controlling the denominator we can always keep the tension at a desired level. The numerator, (force) in the formula is actually the outside force, the circumstances, the situation. So it is safe to say that numerator is never in our control.  But if you know how to titrate and bring your inner coping skills to action, then the outcome (tension) is totally in our hands. We just need this knowledge to get through different situations in our life without having anxiety, panic attacks and depression.